Hybrid Unilevel MLM Plan

Hybrid Unilevel MLM Plan

Hybrid Unilevel MLM Plan

Hybrid MLM Plan is a modern-day direct selling plan that combines Binary and Unilevel plans' features and capabilities. The joining members are required to recruit two members for the next level, and each recruit is placed on the left and right legs. FinoForce is an established multi-marketing software development company in India that can help you launch a high revenue-generating business with Hybrid Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan.

How Does the Hybrid MLM Plan Works?

The hybrid MLM Plan represents Binary MLM Plan and Unilevel Plan equally. The structure has both left and right legs. Members are required to recruit new members, and the recruits are placed on the downline's left and right legs. In case of a spillover (more than two recruits), the additional members are assigned to the weaker leg. This is the basic structure of the Binary Plan.

Here's where the Unilevel plan fits in – all the new recruits in the Hybrid Binary MLM structure are considered as the first level of the Hybrid Unilevel Plan structure. This way, every member can bring an unlimited number of recruits to build a bigger and stronger team. However, the sponsors are required to find a balance between both legs.

How is the Commission Calculated?

The commission is calculated based on the Binary MLM Plan payment structure– a percentage of the weaker leg's sales volume is distributed equally amongst the members to keep them motivated. However, the MLM plan can also add the share of the Unilevel compensation plan. FinoForce can customize different types of Bonuses for your Hybrid MLM Compensation members – Fast Start Bonus, Sponsor Bonus, and Custom Bonus. For instance, your company can set specific business goals for new distributors to achieve. When the recruits achieve the targets within the stipulated time, they are compensated with a First Start bonus. You can also organize sales campaigns, such as referral bonuses and sales targets, to influence the distributors.

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