Case Studies

Success Story

We have 12 years experience, Client Brief :

Finoforce is considered as one among the main 10 driving MLM organizations in India. Their portfolio envelops a wide range of items. Appropriate from horticultural, individual merchandise and beautifying agents, sustenance and refreshments, family items, instructive items to social insurance supplements, their item list is boundless.


With an objective to begin and immovably set up its balance in the online business, Finoforce moved toward MLM. With our space skill, we distinguished certain particular targets which would position the customer into an online pioneer crosswise over industry.

Transitioning to digital– One of the primary objectives was to create a real - time system which would help to build the traditional networking business online.

Creating an online presence – Sankalp then completed the SEO, along with creating a social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. A 40% increase in likes was seen on Facebook and 20% increase in the number of followers was seen on Instagram after the campaign.

Implementing GST- To smoothen the process further, we implemented GST which would help them with all tax related documentation


Some of the innovative solutions used were:

Creating an app – The core foundation of creating an app was to make is as simple for the end user’s application. An app which would assist the consumer to see his business, keep a track on his earning, view his e- wallet balance, ranks & recognition would prove to be a great return value for the client. The app has been incorporated in such a way, to attract more users along with 24*7 services which will help members get information at any time.

Connecting shops & distributors seamlessly – Here again the logic used was that once an order is placed it goes to the nearest pickup centre & from the pickup centre to the nearest warehouse. With this in mind, the inventory management would be effortless.

Assigning a dedicated team – To further enhance the process, a dedicated team of 5 members was assigned to the client.

The Finoforce Advantage:

Here is a look at some facts & figures which highlight the impactful influence which Finoforce has fashioned for the client.