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    Experience the Growth Perks with
    India's Best MLM Software Company

    With widespread direct selling plans, add-ons, website development, marketing solutions, and unlimited customizations, our program identifies real-time business challenges and provides the best downline management.

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    It's More Important to Grow
    Income than Cut Expenses

    We are a one-stop solution for the growing challenges in network marketing and help companies build customized 'multi-currency, multi-language plans that allow direct sellers to network efficiently with any digital technology – social, app, web, or mobile.

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    Widen Your MLM Visions
    with Powerful Technology

    A fully-functional, real-time application multi-level marketing software for all MLM industries that supports any marketing plans helps you achieve your current and future growth potentials, from 1 to a Billion rupees in no time.

  • Features for Your Business

    FinoForce's low cost MLM software architecture includes 5+ static webpages, email integration, 1GB windows server, ten email ID with 2GB space each, domain name, content management, eWallet, admin support, eTicketing system, and 120 other premium features.

  • Designed by Intellectual MLM Software Developers

    FinoForce efficiently fulfills all the characteristics of the best quality MLM software in India – built with robust technology (PHP, CMS, Apache jQuery, and MySQL) for a pluggable, scalable, and adaptable architecture that gets MLM jobs done differently.

  • Highly Responsive to You

    MLM design is loaded with powerful UX/UI to respond to user behavior and the environment without losing speed and accessibility. The 10X fast, intelligent workflow automation can fulfill all brand-specific requirements to accommodate rapid change.

  • Advanced eCommerce Integration

    FinoForce is integrated with the industry's best two eCommerce website frameworks – Opencart and Magento, to implement secure online transactions, including product purchase, registration, order, delivery and tracking, conversational live chats, and more.

  • Intelligent Business Insights

    MLM data-driven program helps businesses stay proactive with real-time actionable vital insights. The intelligent business dashboard can pull-in operational data to identify KPIs, real-time financial analysis, and business performance in different marketing scenarios.

  • Secure and Dynamic MLM System

    As a well-defined MLM software development company in India, we deliver a robust MLM software system that can instantly detect any malicious threats in real-time, block, or take corrective actions. Rest assured, your operations will continue to run uninterrupted.

Our Expertise – Multi-Level Marketing Software Plans

Binary Compensation Plan
Binary plan works on two legs (recruits), with each portion extending to two more. It is one of the stable and highly reciprocating plans in the MLM calculation system. Our technology ensures fast commission calculation powered by real-time business intelligence.
Matrix MLM Plan
Shaped like a pyramid, the first level recruit is limited to less than five, where the most common matrix used are 2x2, 3x9, 2x12, and 5x7. At FinoForce, we offer custom compensation MLM recommendations and development based on your business requirement.
Board MLM Plan
It is also known as the Revolving Matric Plan with a 2x2 fixed structure, generally categorized into a single board, multi-board, shuffling board, and auto and manual filling board concepts. FinoForce Board MLM plan is perfect for firms targeting limited people.
Unilevel MLM Software
Unlike other plans, the Unilevel MLM plan offers unlimited width – all downlines are placed on the same width level providing a limited depth for commission. Its simplicity in compensation calculation makes it a powerful tool and works best for all sized companies.
Monoline MLM Plan
The Monoline comes with extraordinary abilities to draw maximum ROI for many people. With only a single leg downline, the compensation plan is quite simple and indirect. It is excellent for startup companies as it offers tremendous growth opportunities.
Generation MLM Plan
It is the most dynamic MLM plan that goes several levels deep, from upline to downline, with people of the same and different ranks. It is perfect for product selling companies where income is calculated in two different levels. Its rate of success is relatively high.

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Network Marketing/

Multi-Level-Marketing: Is It Worth Your Efforts?

Network marketing or direct selling platform opens a whole new world of digital marketing ideas and paths for direct sales companies of all sizes. It uses modern, ethical methods like Blockchain technology to earn profits. MLM software development companies help businesses make use of non-salaried people to earn compensations through referral marketing. Best network marketing is driven by a robust marketing plan powered by innovation, expertise, and technology architecture. MLM software offers premium features, automated tools, and data-driven insights that assist marketers in generating leads, converting leads into customers, managing recruits and existing customers, controlling inventories, and channeling the supply chain effectively. MLM companies use network marketing platforms to derive profit from two direct sales sources instead of one – individual salespersons and commissions earned by salespersons based on their recruits. It effectively automates everything in Direct Sales – Targeting, Marketing, Acquiring, Training, and Compensations on a single page.